Learn Through Songs - "Taare Zameen Par"

TAARE ZAMEEN PAR Movie Songs "Maa - Taare Zameen Par Song"
Title: Maa - Taare Zameen Par : TAARE ZAMEEN PAR
Cast(s) : Aamir Khan , Tanay Chheda , Darsheel Safary , Tisca Chopra

We're sorry for posting after so much time but we are fixing some issues and we hope to start the podcast soon as planned. In the meantime, I think a very nice way to learn more about a language is through songs. I'm going to post a few popular Hindi songs and translate them for you from now on.

Let's start with a hit from the beautiful movie Tare Zameen Par by Amir Khan, titled माँ

मैं कभी बतलाता नहीं
पर अंधेरे से डरता हूँ मैं, माँ
यूँ तो मैं दिखलाता नहीं
तेरी परवाह करता हूं मैं माँ
तुझे सब है पता है ना माँ
तुझे सब है पता मेरी माँ
भीड़ में यूँ न छोड़ो मुझे
घर लौट के भी आ न पाऊँ माँ
भेज न इतना दूर मुझको तू
याद भी तुझको आ न पाऊँ माँ
क्या इतना बुरा हूँ मैं माँ
क्या इतना बुरा … मेरी माँ
जब भी कभी पापा मुझे
जो ज़ोर से झूला झूलाते हैं मां
मेरी नज़र ढूंढे तुझे
सोचूँ यहीं तू आ के थमेगी माँ
उनसे मैं यह कहता नहीं
पर मैं सहम जाता हूँ माँ
चेहरे पे आने देता नहीं
दिल ही दिल में घबराता हूँ माँ
तुझे सब है पता है ना माँ
तुझे सब है पता मेरी माँ

I never show it, but I fear darkness, mom
even though I don’t give it away
I care about you, mom
You know it all, don’t you mom?
You know it all...my mom

Don’t leave me like this in the crowd
I won't be even able to come back home, mom
Don’t send me that far
you won't even be able to miss me, mom
Am I so naughty, mom?
Am I so naughty, my mom?
Whenever dad sometimes
swings my swing strongly
my eyes would search for you
I'll think you’ll come here and support me
I don’t tell him,
but I panic, mom,
I don’t let it show on my face
but in the heart of hearts I am scared
you know it all, don’t you mom?
you know it all, my mom

I hope you liked this song, as you can see, in poetry and songs, the language can be used a little more freely some some constructions are slightly rearranged. Many people will argue that this language has many Urdu borrowings, and this is true, but this is also the language currently used in everyday conversation by Hindi speakers, so this can be regarded as Hindi.

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