Taare Zameen Par - Story

Taare Zameen ParPlot - Ishaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) is an eight year old boy. But what comes naturally to kids of his age is next to impossible for him. He gets bad grades at school, his teachers reprimand him, his father scolds him...nobody realizes that he is suffering from a learning disorder, dyslexia. Not able to tolerate his son's bad behavior at school, his father gets him admitted to a boarding school. The situation doesn't improve, for he is still the same at studies.

Then a new art teacher enters his life. Nikumb (Aamir Khan) figures out very quickly that the boy needs help, and does all he can to make this world a happy place for Ishaan.

Movie Details :-
Genre: Drama
Language: Hindi
Release date and status: Released on Dec 21, 2007

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